Juree was recommended to us by a colleague and as first time homebuyers we are so SO lucky to have worked with her. She is just phenomenal! From the very beginning she focused on understanding us as a family and what we needed in a home. She has an amazing understanding of the real estate market and going through listings and attending showings with her was tremendously enlightening. She is unfailingly honest – giving you her unbiased and objective assessment of a property’s value and quality. She was always easy to access – replying quickly to emails and texts and was endlessly patient with questions and concerns. She walked us through the process from start to finish and we felt that we were in excellent hands throughout. We are definitely recommending her to all our family and friends and would most definitely work with her again in the future. 
Rabia and Shayru
"Wow !!! I am so happy that i choose Juree Rambo to sell my home. Her instincts and abilities are the best in the business. I was a bit hesitant on selling my home of 25 years and she made the process very comfortable and stress free. I would recommend her services to anyone i could influence. I give her 100% in every category. The real estate business is fortunate to have people like her. If your curious or interested to sell or buy a home in todays market i would not hesitate on calling Juree Rambo first, you will find no comparison. I am very happy and truly grateful for her services…5-stars !!!"
"Ms. Rambo is great, aggressive, knowledgeable kind and organized!! Her level of service is second to none. I had a very difficult transaction, at no fault on Juree’s part, and she was patient in researching important details that were pertinent to my transaction’s success. Ms. Rambo was always friendly, returned my calls promptly, and responded to inquiries in an ASAP fashion! She even researched safety issues new homeowners should be aware of and I saved an additional $7,000.00. If you’re looking for someone to get the job done in a timely manner, professionally and with the elements of a deal that will have you walk away with a big smile on your face… select Juree Rambo! She’s a winning fighter for YOU!!"
D. Manuel
"Juree was an outstanding agent to have help us on our search. She explained everything in a way that we could understand and was honest in the whole process. She knew exactly what we were looking for and was able to help us sort through various properties we were interested in. She never made us feel pressured or rushed and was available whenever we needed her. She went above and beyond as an agent and is now considered friend. If you are looking for someone to help you find or sell I would highly recommend Juree. If anything give her a call as I know she would be happy to just answer any of your questions."
"Great real estate agent! Worked hard with our busy schedules and make accommodations for us to that end. When it came down to negotiating, she had a keen eye for detail and picked up a few issues that could have really been a headache to deal with had they not been found prior to completion of the transaction. We have recommended her to friends who are in the market and would definitely recommend again"
Kulkarni Family
"I have purchased 14 homes over the last 19 years and Juree, by far, has been the most amazing agent I have dealt with. Her unwavering sense of urgency, her ability to hold those accountable within the home purchase process, and most importantly her customer centric approach has made such a difference in making the purchase of this home a true pleasure. I will definitely be using Juree again in the future, and strongly urge those who are purchasing a home to look her up and hire her… she is simply the best."
S. Pauli
"This lady is very serious about her business. She knows all the ins and the outs. She is extremely organized and efficient. She gets things done straight away. Most of all, her clients needs and best interests come first. With years of experience in this industry you know all your bases will be covered."
Michelle M.
"Juree is honest and trustworthy!"
Rudy B.
"She’s the Rambo of Real-Estate!!"
Shameka H.
"Juree is amazing! She helped us find our house last year and was on top of every step of the process. She doesn’t miss a beat and we felt great knowing that Juree was by our side looking out for our interests and making sure we ended up in our dream house."
Lauren Black
"Juree is the best agent I have ever worked with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and most of all brutally honest. She will always have your best interest at heart and will fight to get the best deals. I look forward to working with her again very soon ??"
Erin Moye
"Honestly if you’re looking to sell or buy a home I can’t say enough about Juree Rambo. She knows how to find evey diamond in the ruff, how to take your tastes and bring back the perfect match, how to get you the best deal and find out more info about your home…She really knows her stuff. Best time to buy, locations…She’s direct, honest, fair, available and listens to you."
Keisha Knowles
"I have known Juree for over 20 years! She has always been a honest person! She has always been very diligent in her efforts to provide outstanding service! I would recommend her to anyone! When I’m ready there’s no doubt that she will be the first and only person I call!"
Achieng H.
"I have known Juree for over 10 years. I have always been in awe of her dedication and attention to detail. I met Juree through mutual friends. Though the years we stayed in contact and I always cherished our friendship. A few years ago when I started looking for a house, Juree guided me in the right directions and gave me great insight during a trying time. She was always there whenever I needed her. Her effortless work led to me finding the perfect home. I recommend Juree in all her future endeavors!"
Jamal Doman
"I’ve known Juree for six years and I have to say that she has become one of my favorite people. I first met Juree when we worked in television production together. What interested me the most about Juree was the way she handled the most stressful situations, with ease and confidence. She knows how to take control of situations and make things happen. She’s a woman with strong character and I trust her with all aspects of my life. She is great at understanding the needs of others and making sure that clients are happy and comfortable."
June Blanchard
"She handles herself professionally and is knowledgable about the industry"
Greg Cameron
"Great agent"
Frank Peters
"She is the best!!!!!!! Second to none. She was professional and pleasant"
Jason Cole
"Worked with Juree in the TV business and I can honestly say she is one gem you want on your side. She’s quick, sharp, sassy with just the right amount of attitude all wrapped up in one power house of a woman. Her negotiating skills are unmatched, personally seeing her save a television budget with a show as big as America’s Next Top Model. Just check out the name, Juree Rambo! But don’t be intimidated, she is one of the sweetest, most caring persons I’ve met and working in TV, that’s saying a lot! You can trust that she will give it her all when she’s working with her. There’s no other working professional like her out there in the real estate business."
Rebecca Muh
"I look forward to using Juree as a Realtor, and will refer others to her as well. I’m confident she’ll do a wonderful job."
Michelle Frey
"Juree and I have known each other for years through friends from her old days in production. When she started out a few years ago I reached out to her the moment I started looking for a condo to purchase. She even recommended a really great loan agent to help me get the process going. She was always incredibly thorough in giving me the information about the different options I had and if she didn’t have it should would find out right away and get back to me. She is prompt, organized and I know she’d fight tooth and nail to get me the right price."
Saghar Talebi
"Juree is exceptionally good at what she does. I had a laundry list of things I wanted in a house and she managed to find several that met and exceeded my expectations. She is incredibly professional, knowledgable and clearly loves helping people find exactly what they’re looking for in a home. No request was too big or too small, she’s excellent and I look forward to working with her again!"
Jamila Farwell
"I have been working with Juree for many years and she is extremely detailed, helpful, very loyal and professional. Most importantly she provides solutions to any obstacles she encounters and has the finesse that makes a business relationship feel like a business friendship. This is a quality that is rare in individuals and Juree shines. I needed to quickly make some unexpected changes for a VIP client and Juree was there for me. She offered a solution to a situation that could have resulted in disaster and I ended up looking like a hero. For this I will always be grateful and loyal to Juree."
Julie Lawson
"Great Realtor would recommend her and her service to all of my friends"
James Moore
"She is wonderful! A pleasure to work with and was always looking out for my best interests. Would definitely recommend!"
Ryan Ditty
"Working with Juree Rambo has been a wonderful experience. She listened to my wants and needs while diligently looking for the right fit within my means. She throughly explained step by step the process and made sure I was not confused or mislead. I could not have asked for a more thoughtful and knowledgeable realtor. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy a new home ."
Lily Icarangal
"As a South Bay resident for many years, Juree is extremely knowledgeable of her territory. She is very intelligent and professional and pays attention to every detail. She has a proven track record and is an absolute pleasure to work with."
Heidi Leeser Wang
"For all your Real Estate needs, I recommend Juree Rambo! Let her help you move into your future today."
Paige Clark
"Juree is honest, intelligent and hard working. She will always work hard to find that ‘gem’ that just calls out to her client’. She will take what your desire into account vs. just showing you a property that doesn’t meet your needs, she will help you find your ‘home’ not just a ‘house’. She is the one you want in your corner when you are looking for a home as your interests and needs will always come first. I can’t imagine having used anyone else other than Juree for my recent home purchase. Juree catered to my long list of wants for my dream home and came to our first outing with an extensive list of homes that fit the bill. After looking all day we drove up to the last home and I fell in love instantly. She guided me through the offer process with care and ease, handled many of my stressed out moments with humor and managed me through a few “talk me off the ledge” moments without blinking an eye. She was there for all important meetings, signings, and in the 12th hour mediated everything and pushed my mortgage broker to get everything done on time. Juree is wonderful, outstanding, and a true partner in helping you find a home. It helps that she’s also incredibly funny and makes house hunting a lot of fun! I would highly recommend Juree to anyone looking for an agent to help find their dream home!"
S. Monroe
"Juree is honest, intelligent and hard working. She knows a good deal when she sees one and she will always look after the interest of her friends and clients first."
Erin Moye
"Juree is the best. Quick thinker, very smart and will always be there when your in need."
Jack Chen
"Smart as a whip & Professional as it gets. She cares, listens, & always strives to accommodate her clients to the T. With Ms. Juree Rambo….Your in Great Hands."
Jernita Polk
"Are you looking for someone that will work as hard as you would? Juree will get you what you want at the price you are happy with. She is dedicated to her clients and will not let you down. She makes it a point to stay in tuned with the changing laws and best deals in town!"
Michelle C Thomas
"Juree is smart, effective, and will make sure you get what you want. I wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner when making a big deal."
Lauren Kalb