Creating Value & Educating not just selling…

Creating value and educating my clients on the Real Estate Market is what I do. My client was adamant about buying a house in a neighborhood that has already reached it’s peak in equity. Although financially she could still buy in that neighborhood I didn’t think it would be a smart move considering she wants to retire soon. I expressed my concern because I knew her goal was to retire financially fit and not feel like she was unable to travel and enjoy retirement because of a mortgage. Yes the values will continue to go up however she missed the big equity jump in value the neighborhood gained in the last 2yrs. Back then she kept telling me the prices at the time were to high. At that time I gave her my predictions on value in 2yrs aka now and I was RIGHT! She didn’t take my advice to buy and she regrets it. Lucky her she has a Broker with her pulse on the market who is a master at finding hidden gem neighborhoods where you can buy low now and benefit from the jump in value that will happen in the near future. Long story short she is now in #Escrow on this Hidden Gem